Sunday, September 11, 2011

Water Tanks

I went up on the roof to see the WTC memorial lights but it was too cloudy this year. I saw them last year and maybe I'll catch them next year. There was a really orange glow from the clouds so I got this photo of the water tanks.

World Trade Center September 10, 2011

Last night I went to a friend's birthday party in Jersey City (across the Hudson River from the WTC site). The lights were on for a little while and I grabbed a couple of pictures. By the time I was done with dinner the lights were off but I went to the waterfront and got some shots of the new tower and the lower Manhattan skyline. 

I took the PATH train into the World Trade Center station and figured I'd go shoot some photos of the new tower from below. Everyone said, "Don't go to the WTC. It's too dangerous." But I figured it was probably the safest place in the city last night so I went out and looked around.

While I was there I heard a bunch of motorcycles riding a few blocks away. And by a bunch I mean over 500. These were Harley Davidsons and they were LOUD (and awesome). They stopped traffic for a good 5 to 7 minutes. The parade passed and a few minutes later a huge group of riders showed up at the PATH station to attach a wreath for a friend who was lost in 2001. There were bagpipers and they all said the Pledge of Allegiance and then someone spoke about not harboring hatred and then the bagpipers played. This was all after midnight. 

This city is crazy and a mess and awesome and I love it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Praying Mantis vs Bumble Bee

My mother was visiting over Labor Day weekend. We went for a walk in Ft. Tryon Park in Upper Manhattan and came across a flowering plant that was full of bumble bees - huge bumble bees. I was busy taking pictures of the bees when she noticed a praying mantis eating one of them. We watched her munch away for awhile and then noticed another praying mantis that was stalking a bee. She slowly moved toward the bee then reached out and grabbed her (last photo). The bees were eaten alive. It was one of the most fascinating and horrific things I've ever seen. And as my mother pointed out, if they'd sprayed with pesticides, those insects probably wouldn't have been there.