Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just Another Rainy Day in New York City


Ty said...

92% perfection.

In fact so close to perfect the "very little things" that bother me (and are out of your control probably) stick out like icepicks in my eyeballs.

All of this is a HUGE compliment, by the way.

I love it.

Ty said...

None of the deficiencies are in the composition.

Robin Madel said...

I took it with the Point and Shoot, which you always complain about. I've just come to expect that. Thanks for the compliment though.

Ty said...

Exactly. The digital noise makes me want to cry.

It is so close to being the very best photograph I've ever seen.

Ty said...

I'll go this far: if the digital noise is actually rain, then I put it at 97% perfect.

It's to small for me to really know. But remarkable with point & shoot, for real.

I'd probably screw it up in post.