Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Moon

I found out last night that the full moon would be today. I figured I'd take some shots from the roof when I got home. I stopped by the grocery store and as I was walking across the street to my building I saw a lightening strike. I looked at the sky and it still looked mostly clear.  I thought I'd have plenty of time to get up there and get a quick shot of the moon.

By the time I got into my apartment, put away the couple of groceries that I'd bought, grabbed my camera and went up to the roof, we were in the midst of another microburst storm. It was so windy on the 10th floor that it sounded like we were in another tornado. I thought I would at least be able to get a couple of lightning shots before it got close but that storm moved so quickly that there was no way I could get a photo.

Later I went back up and this is what I got.

Harvest Moon 1

So I took a look around and this is what else I saw. There was so much light up there.

Harvest Moon 2

Harvest Moon 3

Harvest Moon 4

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