Friday, March 16, 2012

Feature Writing Class Assignment #3

Biodynamically Delicious

Opening in September 2010, Lallisse offers a new opportunity for sustainable drinking and eating, filling the former Brasil House coffee shop at East 30th Street and Lexington Avenue in Murray Hill. A distinct Turkish/Mediterranean flavor influences everything from the food selections to the warm wood furniture and orange curtains and pillows scattered throughout, inviting you to lazily enjoy a glass of wine over a lengthy, multi-course meal with friends.

Brother and sister owners Ozgur, 30 and Eylem Delikanli, 35 had a personal vision to open Murray Hill’s first organic wine bar to connect New Yorkers with the sustainable wine and food scene going on right now across Europe. According to Eylem, “We both are adamant about eating and living organically and make eco-conscious choices in our personal lives. So our wine bar is just another reflection of that. We very much like the idea of going back to grandma's recipes and offer a glass of wine that we know was produced the way it has been produced for centuries. “

They work with several distributors that bring wines of mostly small and traditional farmers that strictly follow the organic, biodynamic and sustainable winemaking methods in Europe. “We worked with a sommelier that walked us through our wine selection once we knew that we wanted to offer organic wines. Our basic research was pretty much online, journals about organic wine and also our trips to Italy,” Eylem added. They are also members of Slow Food USA.

The feedback has been positive. “Patrons feel good about themselves when they know what they are eating or drinking is organic. It is usually harder to explain ‘biodynamic wines’, however, we think that visual descriptions (like stickers, menus, short texts) help to explain the overall concept,” says Eylem.

Lallisse is open for lunch, brunch on the weekends and dinner, which is often the busiest time. During Happy Hour (4-7 pm daily) wine flights are 50% off. They hold private wine tasting events and can host up to 40 people.

161 Lexington Ave 
New York, NY 10016

We had to write a service piece. I wrote about this restaurant that is not too far from where I work. I emailed the woman with questions. The instructor told me she thought the quotes were a little formal and it might have been stronger without them. After I handed the assignment in I realize that I forgot to include their contact info. I've added it here. 

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