Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Funny Girl

This girl was so funny. I shot a couple of pictures of her and she turned around and caught me. We started making faces at each other and playing peek-a-boo and counting out fingers and just generally entertaining each other. I held up my camera to show her that I was going to take a few more pictures and she started posing for me. Unfortunately none of those were as focused as this one. At one point she pointed outside and I looked over my shoulder and saw a really beautiful sunset. I turned to her and gave her a thumbs up, then turned around and shot some sunset photos. I looked back at her and she gave me a thumbs up. I love that fact that, even at her young age, she had an eye for a pretty sunset and knew enough to point it out to me.


Antonio Minino said...

Love her expression! great shot Robin

Robin Madel said...

Thanks Antonio.

Sally said...

Those small interactions in life are what make us realize that we are all a part of this universe. That playful memory will live with you forever, and is also a part of who that little girl is. She will remember that lady on the bus who played games with her across the seats and made a connection with her. Life is all about those brief moments of sharing something with another person. Thanks for sharing this story with us Robin.