Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shrimp Cocktails

By Any Means Necessary

UPDATE: This is a picture of the Dallas Barbecue (BBQ's as my friend Russell calls it) in Washington Heights. The other night I stopped in there to get the #1 Take-out Special on my way home from work and snapped this picture. I've always thought it was odd and wondered why they have pictures of cowboys (early representatives of Manifest Destiny) juxtaposed with a poster of Malcolm X (representative of more than I could write in this short space). I found out why this past weekend.

This was the site where Malcolm X was killed. The location used to be a theater called the Audubon Ballroom. Malcolm was giving a speech there and was shot and killed...I'm sure you've all seen Spike Lee's film about it. Apparently, Columbia University owns the building and wanted to tear it down in the 90's to build some glass and chrome something or other but some Preservation societies and some dedicated students stepped in and said, "NO!" (luckily). Now it is a BBQ's. The place where one of the most influential black men in history was assasinated sells barbecue chicken and ribs and Henny Coladas. Aint that somethin'?

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