Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Basilica, Basilica, Basilica

Okay I know I said that last one would be the last, but I can't help it. I have to post one more. Rafael told me that he thinks the Vietnamese Mary comment sounded angry. He said people should make G-d and religion their own. Maybe he's right. If you do believe in G-d, maybe you should make Him Her It your own. In religion there are are way too many rules, too many conflicting rules, too many outdated rules and just generally too many fucked up rules.

They certainly did this inside the Basilica.

Blond hair, blue (and by the way menacingly wide-set) eyes, two days of beard growth, in-shape body, a robe and flames. This mosaic is on the ceiling and his head alone is 8 feet tall. This thing is HUGE.

Rafael looked at it and said that he's certain the artist who created this was gay and was fascinated with his model. I think all these images of Jesus and Mary are all that eye of the beholder thing, anyway.

I think this is really the last photo from the Basilica. At least until I go back there.

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