Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Script Made Me Nervous


Ty said...


WV: calpet - the dog i brought from LA.

Robin Madel said...

I read this side (scene from a script) in a class held by a casting director from Warner Brothers. The show that the script is from was actually produced but didn't get picked up.

Most of the time I don't get nervous. That's not accurate...I get nervous in the way you get nervous before you are about to perform but I don't get show-stopping nervous. I'm usually fairly confident in my choices and figure that if I lose the words I'll make it up because I know what needs to happen to move the plot along.

In this class, for this casting director, I got nervous, to the point where I had to start over a couple of times and say, out loud, I am nervous. Then I could let it go and get down to business and get through the piece.

I give some people too much power and she was one of them. It's a head trip that I don't play on myself very often, but when I do it feels really frustrating and a little debilitating.

Ty said...

That's interesting. Especially how you were able to let go.