Monday, November 9, 2009

Barrier Island Reading Tonight

I'm going to a staged reading of David Stalling's Barrier Island tonight, produced by MTWorks (that's my theater company).


The drama queen in the blue shirt is David. Antonio Minino (the love of David's life) is on the right. You can also see the back of Sarah Chaney's head.

The play is about a community of people that live(d) on
Galveston Island before Hurricane Ike devastated the island two summers ago. David grew up on Galveston Island. The play is somewhat autibiographical.

I was in a staged reading of this play last winter. They're doing another one and I had hoped to be cast in the same role but they cast
Carol Hickey, which is really great for the company. I'm disappointed that they didn't go with me again but I'll audition for the role when they cast the full run production. It's a business as much as it's an art. It will be interesting to hear her interpretation of the same role I played.

Sometimes it's hard to contain jealousy...I just focus on the work.

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