Thursday, November 12, 2009

You're so far away...

I am SO far away from here...
McDonald Lake Glacier National 2

...just to be here

That's the front door to my building. No I don't live in the Ascot Hotel. Law & Order SVU did a shoot in my building about a month ago and they made up the entrance and lobby like a fleabag hotel. Normally, there are no signs and there is no graffiti (the Christmas lights and fake garland are ALWAYS there - it is Washington Heights, after all); it's just a red lattice door. The episode that was supposed to contain my building aired last night but the scene with my building got cut. Dang! I thought, well if I can't get into it yet, at least my building can. Nope!

I shot pictures of the inside after they dressed it up. Tonight I'll shoot some photos of the lobby how it normally looks and post some before and after photos. It was kinda fun to see it all go down.

EDIT: Apparently they did show it but in a different episode. It was Espisode #7, called "Users" and it aired the week before.  I was in a rehearsal and missed it...dang! They don't stream but here's a 2 minute replay. You can see the front of the building at the top of the replay. You have to wait for a commercial to run first.

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